Welcome to the Official Website of the Orange MA Police Department
Welcome to the official homepage of the Orange Massachusetts Police Department!  Made up of 9 patrol officers, 2 Sergeants and our Chief, this department is committed to its community and work each day to improve it.  

A message from the Chief:

     The police department is faced with the most challenging times in memory.  Due to the hard economic times nationwide, certain types of crimes are on the rise. Computer crimes, identity fraud, and scams are rampant. Many of these cases involve multiple jurisdictions, even outside of the United States. The Town of Orange has seen an increase in house breaks, and larcenies. Domestic violence and substance abuse are also prevalent as families find themselves under more stress. At the same time crime is increasing, patrols are decreasing. Our staffing levels are so low that the department is becoming reactive as opposed to proactive.  All emergency calls continue to be answered by a state 911-dispatch center located at the State Police barracks in Shelburne Falls. We ask for resident’s help in solving crimes. Make yourself aware of what is “normal activity” in your neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors and watch out for each other’s property. Call the police department right away if anything seems out of the ordinary. Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times.   - Chief Craig Lundgren

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